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This Village Holds Guinness World Record For Fastest Growing Hair 😱😍

As their main source of income, these women sell up to 58 centimeters of hair PER YEAR to wig making companies. An average growth rate of a whopping 5 centimeters per month...

...So how DO they do it ?

The Secret is in the water. Kind Of.

We've all been there : The awful awkward phases of growing out your bangs.

Or dreading that moment when we tell the hairdresser: "Just the split ends..."

(And then he still manages to cut off 20 centimeters of your fair mane that took you half your life to grow...)

If it's one thing us gals dream of is luscious locks of beautifully long, shiny and healthy hair... 

And it happens these women from the Huangluo Village in China have had the solution figured out for decades... 

Growing their hair out at an average of 5 centimeters per month!

This only used to be possible with very expensive stem-cell scalp treatments...

Oddly enough the Yao women wash their hair twice a week in a side stream of China's largest river, the Yangtze. 

Notorious for being one of the planets' most polluted rivers, their hair doesn't seem to get damaged at all...

If anything, their hair is consistently shiny, strong and healthy. Which is why wig making companies love them!

The Yao women say this is thanks to the weird fermented rice mixture they rub directly onto their scalp…

Why This Fermented Rice Mix Works So Incredibly Well ?

On the other side in the world, independent research by the Dutch Radboud University of Medicine, has clinically proven that hair growth is directly influenced by the intake of 3 very specific kinds of amino acids: Cysteine, lysine, arginine.

In a 12 month trial of 3191 test subjects who had a control increased uptake of Cysteine, Lysine and Arginine saw a significant 453% growth increase in hair and nail length vs. the control group who received sugar pills (placebo).

It turns out that the bacteria that ferment rice create these exact amino acids in exactly the right amounts for hair and nail growth !

Getting Rice To Ferment Exactly Right Proves To Be Extremely Difficult... 

To get exactly the right ratio of amino acids from fermented rice, you need decades of experience using the Yao recipe... 

This might explain why only the older women in the village produce the mix. 

The wrong ratios, the wrong rice grain, and you won't get the exact amino acids you need to stimulate your follicles...

Fortunately, we found a much easier way to get that same amazing growth…

In 4 months Emma grew her hair 19 centimeters 😍

In 3 months Debby grew her hair 17 centimeters 😍

In 5 months Jenifer grew her hair 22 centimeters 😍

The original Yao women rice water recipe for hair growth

Knowing it was these 3 amino acids in the fermented rice mix that cause this super-human hair growth, PopiHair searched for a solution and finally partnered directly with the Yao Women to purchase the ancient rice grain that produces the highly distilled extract of Cysteine, Lysine and Arginine : The golden ratio!

Not too long ago using controversial stem cells on your scalp to promote fast hair growth used to be the only option to grow hair faster, stronger and healthier...

(People would gladly spend anywhere between £1000 to £2000 on a stem cell scalp treatment... )

Thankfully, after seeing my own amazing results with the rice extract: the Yao women and PopiHair were absolutely right... 

You can get the same amazing results with pure natural ingredients as long as the amino acids are present!

(In 9 months my hair grew an amazing 33 centimeters! The guys at work just love it...) 

Here's my big fat disclaimer:

1) I also had NO stem cell scalp therapy.
2) I only used the fermented rice extract.

Obviously I didn't visit the hairdresser during the 9 months that I was testing the rice extract serum. I wanted to measure how long I could grow my hair from when I first started...

To make this a controlled study, my friend Audrey started the challenge on the same month as me in September 2022...

Somehow she always manages to best me in everything.

(Audrey starts using the serum on 7th September 2022 after her last haircut...)

19th January 2023: She literally DOUBLED the length of her hair in a little over 4 months...(The color hasn't changed, it's just different lighting outside!)

Audrey on 22nd May 2023 getting her first trim in 9 months 😍

❤️ Try it yourself...

(Who doesn't love long hair right?)

Use the promolink below to try the amazing formula for yourself!

Hurry! Offer ends on today.

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PopiHair Growth Serum - Rice water for hair growth
Rice water for hair growth original recipe produced by Yao women
popihair for afro-american hair
popihair for straight black hair
popihair for straight blond hair
PopiHair Growth Serum - Rice water for hair growth
Rice water for hair growth original recipe produced by Yao women
popihair for afro-american hair
popihair for straight black hair
popihair for straight blond hair

POPIHAIR - Sérum femme Yao - Recette originale d'eau de riz pour la pousse des cheveux

PopiHair reviews
60% OFF

⏳ 1 Sérum = 1 à 3 mois d'utilisation

Le sérum capillaire Popi Hair a été élaboré par notre professeur à partir de l'eau de riz fermentée des femmes Yao dans la proportion exacte pour la pousse des cheveux.

L'eau de riz est utilisée depuis des siècles comme traitement capillaire naturel et on lui prête de nombreux bienfaits pour les cheveux et le cuir chevelu.

🌱 Vegan
🐇 Sans cruauté
👩🏾‍🤝‍👩🏼 Tous types de cheveux

🌾 Noté Excellent par, un analyseur de produits cosmétiques 100 % indépendant.

  • Ingrédients : Eau de riz, extrait de gingembre, extrait de ginseng, racine de fleur, huile de pépins de raisin, glycérine, glucides, propylène glycol, acide méthacrylique, huile de rose.

Notre produit ne vise pas à diagnostiquer, soigner, guérir ou prévenir une maladie quelconque et ne saurait remplacer une consultation médicale.

Popi Hair soutient financièrement les femmes Yao dans leur lutte contre la pauvreté, pour l'éducation et le développement de leurs terres 🫶

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PS: If you're lucky to get your hands on a vial or two, the serum is extremely concentrated. Add no more than 3 mililiters growth serum to your scalp. A single vial should last you 3 months.

(Audrey and I both used 6 vials over the course of 9 months...)

Good Locks, Hairbesties!🙌 🙌