Real life Rapunzels share one of the most sought after beauty secrets, the remedy to growing long, strong, healthy hair.

These women are famous for growing their hair up to 23 inches per year.

An average growth rate of a whopping 2 inches per month...

So how DO they do it?

The Secret Is In The Consistency...

We've all been there. The awful awkward phases of growing out your bangs.

Or dreading that moment when we tell the hairdresser: "Just the split ends..."

(And then he still manages to cut of 2 feet of your fair mane that took you half your life to grow... Ugh!)

If it's one thing us gals dream of is luscious locks of beautifully long, shiny and healthy hair...

And it happens these women that look like real rapunzels have had the solution figured out for decades...

Growing their hair out at an average of 2 - 3 inches per month!

This only used to be possible with very expensive stem-cell scalp treatments...

Oddly enough, the real rapunzels rub the remedy directly onto their scalp twice a week.

And their hair is consistently shiny, strong and healthy.

The real rapunzels say this is thanks to the 3 amino acids inside the remedy: Cysteine, Lysine and Arginine

Even Better Than "Stem Cells" In A Bottle...

Knowing these 3 amino acids cause this super-human hair growth, the real rapunzels and popihair searched for a solution and finally found a laboratory that produces a highly distilled extract of 1:2:1 Cysteine, Lysine and Arginine...

The golden ratio!

Not too long ago using controversial stem cells on your scalp to promote fast hair growth used to be the only option to grow hair faster, stronger and healthier...

(People would gladly spend anywhere between $600 to $1500 on a stem cell scalp treatment... )

Thankfully, after seeing my own amazing results with the remedy: the real rapunzels and popihair were absolutely right...

You can get the same amazing results with pure natural ingredients as long as the 1:2:1 amino acids are present!

(In 9 months my hair grew an amazing 13.2"
The guys at work just love it...) 

Here's my big fat disclaimer:
1) I  had NO stem cell scalp therapy
2) I only used the fermented rice extract
3) I did NOT visit the hairdresser once in those 9 months 😂

Obviously I didn't visit the hairdresser during the 9 months that I was testing the rice extract serum.

I wanted to measure how long I could grow my hair from when I first started...

To make this a controlled study, my friend Audrey started the challenge on the same month as me in September 2019...

Somehow she always manages to best me in everything...

And then there's Audrey... 

(Audrey starts using the serum on September 7th 2019 after her last haircut...)

January 19th 2020
(She literally DOUBLED the length of her hair in a little over 4 months... The color hasn't changed, it's just different lighting outside!)

Audrey on 22nd May 2020 getting her first trim in 9 months...😍

Try it yourself.

(Who doesn't love long hair right?)

Use the promolink below to try the amazing formula for yourself! 

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POPIHAIR - Sérum Femmes Yao
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POPIHAIR - Sérum Femmes Yao
POPIHAIR - Sérum Femmes Yao
POPIHAIR - Sérum Femmes Yao
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POPIHAIR - Sérum Femmes Yao


PS: If you're lucky to get your hands on a vial or two, the serum is extremely concentrated. Add no more than 3ml growth serum to your regular shampoo. A single vial should last you 3 months.

(Audrey and I both used 4 vials over the course of 9 months...)

Good Locks, Hairbesties!

Written by Emma - December 16th 2022